Virtual Fairs | Top 10 features of a Virtual Fair Platform

Since the pandemic, the only choice that people were left with was getting their lives online. Along with various other formats of online events, one that gained popularity like anything is virtual fairs. Generally, organizations started hosting virtual fairs to connect businesses with the audience.

Virtual fairs are just like other virtual events conducted over a virtual event platform. Certainly, various organizations across the globe conduct various kinds of fairs, depending on the purpose.

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 Let’s have a look at a few kinds of virtual fairs-

  • Virtual Job Fairs

    These fairs allow recruiters from top organizations and job seekers to get together on a single platform. The recruiters hire suitable candidates for job openings through these fairs.

  •  Virtual Education Fairs

    Through these fairs, Universities and educational institutes across the globe reach out to students without worrying about geographical barriers.

  • Virtual Trade Fairs

    The objective behind hosting online trade fairs is to connect exhibitors and consumers through online trade platforms.

Here, we have highlighted the top 10 features of a virtual fair platform-

  1. Customized Booths-

The most prominent feature of a virtual fair’s they’re customized according to the needs and objectives of the organizers. It is vital to understand that even though virtual events are hosted virtually, they have the same impact. Like in-person events, the users can design virtual fairs. Adding a personal touch to your virtual booths will boost your brand reach directly as the audience will feel connected with the event. Hence, experts advise hiring virtual fair platforms that can customize your event according to you.

  1. Audience Engagement Tools-

Attending virtual events come with various distractions, and the organizers are aware of that. Hence, they incorporate several audience engagement features that ensure the attendees don’t find the event boring. Platforms include tools like audio and video chats, live polls, comments, and Q&A sessions. So that the attendees stay hooked to it till the end. These features make the attendees feel included and increase audience engagement with the show. Along with it, these tools will make sure your attendees have a great time at the event. And they find the event tiring and dull.

  1. Multi-Device Compatible-

Since virtual fairs allow people from across borders to be a part of the event, you must know that not everyone is an iOS or Android user, for that matter. Hence, your virtual fair platform must be multi-software compatible. Not only this, your virtual event must be accessible from a desktop as well as a mobile phone. Generally, hosting a virtual career fair with a multi-device-compatible online event platform will ensure maximum audience participation. Though all the virtual events are desktop-accessible, people generally prefer attending online events through mobile phones, as they give them a sense of freedom.

  1. Sponsors’ Engagement-

An efficient and engaging virtual fair should give fair exposure to the sponsors. Since a sponsor invests in your event to expand his brand reach, it’s necessary to make sure it happens. Since one can customize virtual fairs, having tools like Dynamic Banner Functionality makes sure the brands investing in your event make the most out of it. Such features will allow the attendees to get in touch with the sponsors directly. Also, having renowned brands sponsoring your event will help you gain the trust of the maximum audience.

  1. Help and Information Desk-

Doesn’t matter if it is a physical event or a virtual one, a fair needs to have a help desk. Someone who’s attending a virtual event for the first time might find the entire layout very overwhelming. A help desk at the virtual event will make sure all the queries of your attendees are getting solved. Considering such issues and incorporating features to resolve them leave a good impression on your attendees’ minds, expanding your brand reach.

  1. Real-time analytics-

Virtual fairs allow the organizers to collect real-time audience engagement data; something which is not possible in the case of physical fairs. A virtual fair platform with features to track in-event audience engagement data will ensure the hosts look at the event from the audience’s perspective. Real-time data helps them know the features that were most engaging, the exhibitor audiences interacted with the most, the engagement feature they used the most, and more. It will help them analyze the event and plan the upcoming strategies keeping everything in mind.

  1. Networking Features-

Generally, people believe that virtual events don’t offer networking possibilities to the audience, but let us drop a truth bomb. Virtual events provide one-on-one interaction opportunities to all attendees. Consider this and make sure you select a platform that gives tools like audio/video calls, B2B Meeting Schedulers, Networking Tools, AI Matchmaking, and more. All these tools will enable your audience to build long-lasting connections and expand their networks.

  1. Enough Branding Options-

One significant feature that you should look for in a virtual fair platform is the branding options it provides. The main reason why the organizations host various virtual events, including virtual fairs, is to promote their brand and reach out to a wide range of audiences. If you are looking for a virtual platform to host your virtual fair, ensure it provides you with enough features to promote your brand.

  1. Event Management- 

The platform that you are selecting should assist you with event management. To host a successful virtual event, you need to take care of various factors such as audience registrations, social walls, managing guests, sending out invitations, and a lot more. So, make sure the virtual fair platform you have selected should help you with the entire process; right from managing the registrations to sending out post-event feedback forms.

  1. Seamless Navigation- 

Though several people have attended various virtual events during the pandemic, there will be people who would be a part of online fairs through your event. And, you would want to ensure they have a good time at your fair. To make sure they enjoy being at your fair, select the platform that is easy to access. So that people don’t struggle to navigate their way through the platform.


Generally, hosting a virtual fair ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you wish to deliver an engaging experience to your audience, get in touch with an efficient virtual town hall meeting platform now. 

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