9 Best Places to Visit at Mall Road Shimla

Mall Road Shimla is undoubtedly the center of attraction for tourists as well as locals. Shimla Railway Station and Old Bus Stand Shimla are just 2 kilometers away from Mall Road Shimla.

It is the busiest area of the town, mostly during the evening. All the offices like Municipal Corporation, fire service, and police headquarters are located here. Moreover, it is the best place for shopping as there are shops and malls.

Due to the best hotels near Mall Road Shimla, it becomes the best place to stay. The best part is that all the best restaurants, cafes, and recreation centers are here. Even book lovers can buy their favorite books here as there are three book stalls here including one that sells old books.

If you actually want to enjoy Mall Road, you must walk here in the evening. Those who are wooden handcraft lovers must visit the Lakkar Bazaar on the same road. 

Things to know before Visiting Mall Road Shimla

  1. Vehicles are not allowed on this road until it is an emergency.
  2. If you are at the main road down the hill, you can reach Mall Road by taking the lift that the Himachal Tourism Development Corporation operates from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM.
  3. Lakkar Bazaar located on the same road is the market for wooden handcraft.
9 Best Places to Visit at Mall Road Shimla
9 Best Places to Visit at Mall Road Shimla

Christ Church Mall Road Shimla:

Christ Church at Mall Road Shimla

Christ Church at one end of Mall Road Shimla is one of the most visited spots in Shimla. Christ Church at Mall Road is the 2nd oldest church in North India. Undoubtedly, the architecture is extremely excellent and has historical significance. This church is a very popular point among tourists as well as locals. Visit the place in the evening and enjoy the unsurpassable beauty of the church. 

The Ridge:

The Ridge Shimla

The Ridge on Mall Road Shimla is one of the most bustling places on the road. Generally, it is called the heart of the city. If you love nature and want to enjoy the beauty of nature just visit the Ridge and see the several breathtaking views over there. Due to this unsurpassable beauty, the Ridge is extremely popular among both Locals and tourists. 

When it snowfalls in Shimla, The Ridge becomes more beautiful. Hence, most travel bloggers recommend it in their blogs. 

Keep in mind before going to the Ridge:

  1. The best months to visit there are December and January.
  2. The best Time to Visit is evening, especially the in dark.
  3. Carry your camera with you, or else you will miss lots of beautiful photos in your album.

 Breathtaking Sunset at Scandal Point:

Scandal Point Mall Road Shimla
Image Source- Google | Image By Biswarup Ganguly

How about enjoying the sunset view at Mall Road Shimla? Let’s know about the sunset point here. Yes, it is Scandle Point. Actually, Scandal Point is the place where you can relax while seeing the mesmerizing Himalayas. It is just a few steps away from the Ridge. Visit the place and enjoy the sunset in the evening. Even you can enjoy a tasty meal as there are several restaurants. 

If you are a mountain lover, you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of gigantic mountains muffling the blanket of dense fir and spruce. Moreover, the Indian revered freedom fighter Shri Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue is here.

Certainly, Scandal Point attracts people as a magnet attracts iron. Surprisingly, you can also enjoy the horse ride here and even games are available for your kids.

Must Know Before Going to Scandal Point:

  1. Visit the point while the sun is setting. Because you will be able to see the sunset here.
  2. Carry your cam

Kali Bari Temple:

Kali Bari Temple Shimla
Image Source- Google | Image By Jayasree Sengupta

Are you in Shimla and missing your temple going? Here is the solution for all religious bodies. Built-in 1845, Kali Bari is the beautiful rich temple of Mata Kali or Shamla Mata. Undoubtedly, the temple offers superb views natural beauty of giant hills. Of course, Kali Bari is handy for the Shimla City Mall.

The story goes among the locals that Goddess Kali used to live on Jakhu Hill, once the location of an ancient temple. Goddess Kali is called in other words Goddess Shyamala. Hence The name “Shimla” has derived from the Godess’s name “Shyamala”. A large number of locals visit here during the Navratri and get Maa Kali’s blessings.

Even the tourists may seek the evening arti (devotional song sung in the Morning or Evening). 

Must Know Before Going to Kali Bari Temple:

  1. There are lots of monkeys around the temple, and they can snatch your belongings and food items so beware of them.
  2. Photography is prohibited inside the temple,  but you can take as many photos as you like outside the temple.
  3. Though the temple is located on a small hilltop (just 900 meters from Mall Road Shimla), you may get small physical issues like exhaustion and leg pain, etc.
  4. Those who want to stay at Kali Bari Temple can stay at the Guest House here. There is also a Canteen where you can take simple but delicious Bengali food.

Jakhu Temple (Trekking to Jakhu Hill):

Jakhu Temple Shimla
Image Source- Google | Image By 502hsuya

Jakhu Hilltop is 1.5 km far from Mall Road Shimla. You Must take a little bit of time out for a short trek to Jakhu Temple. It’s actually the highest peak in the town. It is undoubtedly the best trek for beginners. Still, the bright sun and rain make it a little bit difficult to trek.

The Town Hall:

Town Hall Shimla
Image Source- Google | Image By Sumit.kumar2209

If you love history and want to explore more, you are suggested to visit the Town Hall. The Town Hall is the oldest constructed building in Shimla. It has a beautiful grand entrance. It certainly is for spending some quality time during the day.

Enjoy the Evening at the Gaiety Theater:

Gaiety Theater, The Ridge, Shimla
Image Source- Google | Image By Biswarup Ganguly

The Gaiety Theater is widely used for social gatherings around the place. It is situated in the center of Mall Road Shimla. The tourists, as well as locals, visit here to spend their evening with fun and enjoyment. Even the schools host their cultural events and other programs here.

Horse Riding at Mall Road Shimla:

If you love adventure and you are looking for adventure near Mall Road Shimla, you must seek horse riding. Either you can ride to Kufri Zoo or to The Ridge. Horse riding will not only fill you with a thrill but also make you feel good from the inside.

Mall Road Shimla Shopping:

Mall Road Shimla Shopping
Image Source- Google | Image By Biswarup Ganguly

Last but not least, you can enjoy shopping at Mall Road Shimla because there are lots of shops and malls. You can not only buy high-quality woolen clothes, other winter clothes, and jewelry but you can also wooden handicraft items from the Lakkar Baazar Shimla. Not only this, you can also visit Tibetan Market, Hong Kong Market, Thai Market, New NAC Market, Shangri La Shopping Complex, and other shops and shopping complexes. Your evening will be really amazing at Mall Road Shimla.

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Q. On which day Shimla Mall Road is closed?

There are no weekends on Mall Road, instead, it is open 24*7.  The Timing is given below.

Day Timing
Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Q. Which is the famous street in Shimla?

Mall Road is a famous street in Shimla. There are malls, shops, cafes, the Old Church, Gaiety Theater, and other buildings on the same road.

Q. What time does Mall Road Shimla close?

The Mall Road opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 9 at night.

Q. How far is Mall Road from Shimla station?

Mall Road Shimla is just 2 kilometers from Shimla Railway Station and it lies at the same distance (2KM) from the Old Bus Stand Shimla.

Q. How far is Mall Road from Old Bus Stand Shimla?

Mall Road Shimla is just 2 kilometers from Shimla Railway Station and it lies at the same distance (2KM) from the Old Bus Stand Shimla.

Q. What is the best time to visit Mall Road Shimla?

Although you can visit the street whenever you like to visit, Mall Road Shimla at night is far more beautiful than it is during the day.

Q. How to Reach Mall Road, Shimla?

Mall Road Shimla is the busiest street in the town. The Road lies just 2 km from the Shimla Railway Station. It also lies at the same distance (2km) from the Old Bus Stand. Either you can take a rikshaw or walk on foot to Mall Road Shimla. 


At last, I would suggest you take proper clothes, medicine, and other eatable items. You also should get a health check-up before leaving for Shimle, or else your trip might ruin. Good Luck!

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