Is Aweber the Best Email Marketing Tool?

Why choose an auto-responder service?

If you are planning to reach the audience easily, email marketing is one of the best ways. Through this, you can develop a personal relationships with people that usually are not available through most other mediums. But you, generally, have to follow a lot of rules when it comes to email marketing. Certainly, these are CAN-SPAM rules and you MUST comply with them.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

As a result, setting this up and trying to comply with them is difficult and time-consuming. Hence, you can pay a company that can do it for you perfectly. And Aweber is one such kind of company. However, they will make emails comply with all the rules. But they’ve got a ton of features that let you easily set up your marketing campaigns and have them run on autopilot.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Let’s Know About Aweber?

Aweber is a tool for email marketing that let you:

  • create a mailing list and get data onto it
  • design newsletters for sending to the subscribers on your list
  • automate your email marketing via ‘autoresponders’
  • View & analyze statistics of your email marketing campaigns

Aweber is an email marketing tool, that was established long ago in 1998, and now the company claims that 100,000 individuals and businesses use the platform for their email marketing.

Why Use Aweber:


Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email
Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email

1. Easy to Set Up

One knows nothing about list building when he first starts. But why worry when Aweber is there? Certainly, it is quite easy to figure it out.
However, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to set up a list and schedule emails

2. Unlimited

You can set up unlimited lists without an additional charge. Hence, they don’t bind you to limit the number of emails. So you can send out huge numbers of emails.

3. Reliable

When your emails end up in spam, consequently, you’ll hate it. But this autoresponder deliverability rate is something around 98%.
There are a few ways to ensure that your email ends up in your subscribers’ inboxes:

  • Aweber authenticates all email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys.
  • With Aweber, you can choose to write your email either in text format or in HTML format.

4. Analyzable

  • Using it you are able to track your email.
  • You can do split testing to see which headline works best or what time of day you should send out an email to get the best open rate,
  • You can also see how many subscribers have opened your email or clicked on the links.
  • And you can also resend the same email to only those subscribers who haven’t opened it, to begin with.

5. Embeddable

Aweber makes it so easy for you that-

  • You can design your forms with lots of cool templates and customizations
  • You will get a form for every occasion.
  • Even you can embed (adding a simple code to the website) it into your blog or website or anywhere you wish to. However, it gives you the option of a popup form.

Aweber Plan Types & Pricing

AWeber Smart Designer

Aweber offers two kinds of plans: ‘Pro’ and ‘Free’. That means up to 500 subscribers can use it for free. Try Aweber for free. But for the 5 Pro plans, you will have to pay the following charges

  • $19/month (0 to 500 subscribers)
  • $29/month (501 to 2,500 subscribers)
  • $49/month (2,501 to 5,000 subscribers)
  • $69/month (5,001 to 10,000 subscribers)
  • $149/month (10,001 to 25,000 subscribers)

In case you have crossed 25,000 subscribers on your mailing list, you will need to contact Aweber for a quotation.

Additionally, Aweber offers an entirely free version. This plan lets you use most of the features of Aweber until your mailing list is as small as 500 subscribers (When you have 500+ subscribers on your list, you need to get a paid plan).

However, there is a 14% discount for quarterly payers; and a 14.9% discount for the annual payer. Apart from it, they offer some discounts for students and NGOs.

Basically, the best aspect of Aweber’s pricing structure is that all features are available on all plans – unlike some competing products, you need not be on more expensive plans to unlock certain functionality & features. Consequently, the differences in pricing just have to do with mailing list size only.

Shared hosting for beginner

Key features of Aweber

  • If you join Awebers, what key features will you get?
  • You will get the ability to import and host a mailing list
  • Aweber will provide you with a wide range of templates
  • A super tool called an autoresponder will also be given.
  •  For your business purpose, Aweber will provide you with some (basic) marketing automation functionality
  •  You will get responsive email designs
  • Aweber will also provide you with reporting
  • Yeah, split testing is also in your bag.
  • RSS / blog to-email functionality is provided.
  • And also Aweber will give you a list of segmentation options
  • Obviously, you will get a landing page builder
  • Undoubtedly, Superb phone, email, and live chat support
  • Lastly, you will get integrations with third-party apps
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